Friday, September 24, 2004

Julie E. Czernada

I attended a reading last night by Julie, who is an established science fiction author here in Canada. It was a wonderful evening. Check out her website to see the number of novels she has published, and has managed to land a great cover artist!

It was very inspiring. I asked a lot of silly questions. My favourite 'answer' was about how she goes about deciding the psychology of alien species - what does she base it on? I would have looked at human traits, and tinkered and expanded. Julie, with her extensive biology background, looks at the physiology of an alien she has created, and works outwards. What conditions (environmentally and culturally) would this species have evolved in? It makes for a fascinating new approach, and I was glad to have the opportunity to hear it.

I splurged and bought her latest in hardcover, Survival. I'm sure many will enjoy it. (It is even set in coastal British Columbia 300 years in the future.)

Best of luck to Julie!

Monday, September 20, 2004


My horrorscope:
Today, VIRGINIA, you are likely to feel torn in two different directions. A part of you could want to sequester yourself somewhere and read, while another part of you feels that you should get out, go somewhere and do something. You may experience more impatience than usual with squabbles between colleagues or family members. Some exercise during the day might be a good idea, to work off the inner tensions. In the evening: Relax with a good book!

Dude. I just got home from running around all day. I went to the library later this afternoon, signed out some books on creative writing, wanted to sit and relax, but couldn't wrap my brain around THAT. My son and I stopped at a bookstore/coffee shop for something to eat, but I couldn't even sit and relax there. So I came home to more work. I see now that it's in the stars to chill this evening.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Vote for your favourite cover

These are draft book covers for Lynda's "Guide to the Okal Rel Universe", a sort of primer to go along with the 10 novel series and numerous novellas that are in the works. They're not finished, but we would like some input. Vote for your favourite! You can also leave comments here or e-mail me with any notes.

Hit SEND, dammit

There are two reason that a finger will hesitate over hitting the send button. One: a really nasty e-mail that may cause some backlash, and Two: sending your writing to be read by others. I FINALLY finished four chapters of my story, went back and fixed the first two, and sent it off the Northern Speculations SciFi/Fantasy Writers Workshop (or NSSFFWW for short.) Plus, I've missed a few months, so I printed out about 50 pages of others' stories that I didn't get to review, and I'll have to read through those and provide feedback by tomorrow. Some of the work is absolutely amazing. Through Lynda, we've learned the stamina that it takes to stick to your dream and get your work published, and I hope some of these writers can do that. It's a great group, very diverse and very respectful of their fellow members. Very inspiring.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

THE world's coolest mom.

I bought this Shaolin Monk Weapon for my son, but ONLY when he produces an A on his report card. Of course the little sh*t is going to try to get it in Physical Education. Until then, this 7 foot tall monster will be under my bed.
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Monday, September 06, 2004

Bolt out the door

Aw man. I just found this little site a few weeks ago, and now I get a newsletter stating they're in financial difficulty and they're shutting down. If this is true, I'm very sorry. If it's not true, it's a great way to bring in some quick sympathy bucks.


Thirty one and a half hours without a cigarette. Hitler would be frightened by my pleasant demeanor.

I got to go first, and I kinda wimped out. I added these little climbers. Karl's turn is next, then it's Grace, and back to Mike, who chose the picture. I'm sure everyone else will be a little more creative than I. I'll also post the rules I made up.
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Original photo for Photoshop Pong.
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First day of school tomorrow.


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Speed what?

My eyes are spinning.
Just tried a speed reading test from a link Lynda sent me. I got 679 words per minute on my first try, didn't have a clue what the paragraph was about, but managed to ace the answers. Then after their eye-numbing little exercise I got 761. Retention isn't too high at that speed.
From other sources, did you know that reading on the computer screen is 25% slower than on paper?
Try the test and exercise, it's fun. The resulting vertigo has less side effects than any mind altering product.

Who writes this stuff.

Yesterday's cloud didn't materialize. Not that I know of.

Today's horrorscope:
There is a tremendous amount of power at your disposal today, VIRGINIA, and you should take care and use it wisely. This is quite a transforming period for you and your physical body may be going trough many changes. You have the ability to make an extremely strong impression on people today, so think before you act. If not used properly, this energy can manifest as an accident or something unhealthy.

Yeesh. To me this translates as:
You're gaining weight, Virginia. Your massiveness could prove a danger to your kids. Look behind you before you sit down.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Set up for failure

My horoscope today, compliments of

Your luck has just turned in regards to issues of love and romance, and wow! Has it turned for the better, VIRGINIA! You should be sitting on cloud nine today when it comes to matters of the heart. If, for some reason you are not, perhaps you should consider who is sitting next to you on that cloud. Perhaps it is time for a change. This is your day to be happy.

*SNORT* *guffaw*

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

All talk, no action.

Yeah yeah. You shuddup.
I'm having this problem with my story. The characters are yakkin way too much in my attempt to give some background. There's a lot of information to get across, and I haven't figured out too many other ways of making it clear to the reader. So I'm stuck. I have my story laid out, but need to interject some room in the middle. I think I'll quit for tonight and go pout with a novel.