Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Canada one of the largest oil suppliers to the US

Am I the only one that finds this terribly, terribly frightening?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

Forbidden Cargo

Got my copy of Forbidden Cargo today, from EDGE publishing. Can't wait to read it.

Also, just finished Julie Czerneda's Migration, #2 in the Species Imperative series. I found myself a little lost, cuz it had been a couple years since I read the first one. Once again, Julie keeps the pace pretty fast, the characters interesting, and we're treated with a surprise at the end. It's not nearly as much of a jolt as in the first book, and it's way easier to digest. Number three will be out soon, and I'll forward to it.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Update on Life

Been away much too long.
The days of putting sunglasses on top of my head and calling my hair done are over. Had a crazy, insane, busy, 14 hour days winter of work. Went well.
I've been rehearsing my brains out for our next theatre production - Closer, by Patrick Marber. This play won numerous awards overseas, and Mr. Marber wrote the screenplay for the movie as well. I'm playing Anna, (Julia Robert's character in the movie.) This script is so well written - very intense, flows like a dream. It's been quite a challenge to reach some of these dark emotional places that have been buried, and to try to use these roiling emotions, all the while trying to remember the damn lines. We are all in panic stage, as we have press coming to dress rehearsal this Wednesday, and we open Thursday. We do seven performances, then are taking the show to the Theatre BC Zone Festival.
Festival is a freaking blast. A week of performances from different theatre groups, all adjudicated by a theatre professional. The people are always so open and friendly, and of course, the numerous get-togethers with copious drinking is great stress relief. : )
I'm working on getting flights booked to Worldcon, this year held in Los Angeles. I'll know a few people going, and will be announcing a major event (for me, anyway) in publishing. (It's still hush - will let you know soon.) I'm looking forward to meeting some of the authors on the great list of guests.

Haven't had much time for writing. Been tossing around a few short story ideas. I've been neglecting our monthly writers workshop, but should be able to attend the next one. Will have to pound out a story.

Next update soon. Best wishes to all!