Friday, December 16, 2005

Book A Minute

HA! This is hilarious. Catch up on your sci/fi/fantasy with the Book a Minute list. I know this will appeal to certain people who prefer the abridged version.
*ahem* Karl *cough*

I think I may have to try this myself with a few books. Maybe I'll do Throne Price first. *grin* Lynda will hope I pop right out of reality. If you wanna try it, leave a comment below!

OMG. The Interview with a Vampire summary is hilarious.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fuck off George Bernard Shaw

At A Loss For Words: Tackling a literary giant

Freakin hilarious post. What's almost as funny is the hoopla stemming from the comment.

Shame on you, BC

How *&$# bizarre. We have the news telling us one night that this year is a boom year for Christmas shopping - retail sales are already higher than last year's numbers.

The next night, we're told every single charity is suffering, with as low as 20% of the usual donations. The news report on Global had the gall to say it was due to everyone giving during the tsunami. *snort* Did they miss their own report the day before?

Get a grip.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Filth III

Filth III went very well!
Thursday night went well, considering opening night jitters. The audience howled the whole way through the show. The second night was bizarre. The audience barely laughed, but they all said it was good. We do have a video of the whole show. I can't wait to see it. (As I was back stage running lights or throwing props around - didn't get to see much of it.) As director, it's always fun to see what comes out on stage that didn't show itself in rehearsal.
Here's some back stage and cast party pics.

A Very Special Bank Robbery

Hillbilly ready for her gynemycology exam.

Cast Party Shenanigans

Did you read her hat?!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Got a rejection letter today, telling me my story sucked and it's not what they wanted.

Kidding! It was actually a kind rejection note, with a spot of feedback (telling me my story sucked and it's not what they wanted). My Ego Meter is waivering wildly, but I figure I still have hundreds of submissions to go before I can do some serious whining.

Two events, of the opposite sorts

Event Announcements

Books & Co, 7pm, Wednesday, December 7th.

Hear readings from the ORU Anthology by authors & editors. There will be goodies and door prizes, such as Throne Price and Neo-opsis Magazine.

Back by popular demand! An evening of Comedy without Limits!
Warning: Adult content & language. (Trailer Park Boys meets Southpark meets Family Guy meets Monty Python meets... umm...your worse nightmare.)
The weak of heart and stomach are encouraged to stay home.

At Artspace (above Books & Co.)
Thursday, December 8th, 8pm.
Friday, December 9th, 9pm (After the music is finished downstairs.)
Tickets are only $9. Email for tickets, or get them at the door.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I'm going to be very egotistical and vent. Most other people get to do it.
A book that has been recently published, a first novel by the young author, is receiving rave reviews. I am very glad for the author and obviously wish all the success to everyone. However, what pisses me off is that I couldn't make it through the first chapter - I found the setting fascinating, but the writing very amateurish to the point where it turned me off the story.
Strangely enough, this only motivates me to write more. Even though I know I am capable of producing crap, I can also produce something decent, and I feel I am able to write better than that amateur tone that turns me off. Writers have it beaten into their heads that 'the chance of publication are small - the chance of success even smaller'. When I see what is being touted as good, and I have seen work from unknown writers that I feel is better, it is encouraging me not only to write but to encourage my friends even more.


(Maybe I'll have some time next week for writing. *mumble mumble*)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Help Nalo

Nalo Hopkinson has listed many of her works on her site, available for purchase through herself. She is on a fundraising drive to buy a new computer so she can finish her novel by her deadline.
I've read some of her work, and highly recommend it. Raw, emotional stuff.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Technology leads to long distance touching

I had a hard time coming up with a PG rated title for this post.

In the works are cyber hug pajamas, so parents can hug their kids long distance. There's a lot of material for horror stories - Suit goes Psycho and strangles kids that didn't brush their teeth.
I find it funny that their story is that the technology started with chickens. CHICKENS??! *snort* I'm sure.

(click the title to get the link, like usual.)

Where's Whacko

From a few year's back. Just rediscovered it in the bizarre stuff on my hard drive.

This was after a theatre performance, and the director was making her heartfelt speech to the cast & crew etc etc. You gotta play "Where's Whacko?"