Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Exotic Friends

There's a few ladies around the world I'd like to introduce you to.

First, we have Grace. Aspiring writer with a hard-on for surfers, Grace made the small jump from Barrow, Alaska to Hawaii. (Look up Barrow on the map, it's waay up there.) She's tall, (hate her), thin, (hate her), smart, (hate her) and funny (uh, hate her). Here's her eye-assaulting website with a cool name: www.electroasylum.com. And here is her blog! http://oathsandcurses.blogspot.com She's just finished up a novel, that I have yet to read. Will post tidbits. And for all her creativity, she works in a lawyer's office.

My next exotic friend is Leena. She lives in Texas, and hops over to Finland frequently to visit family. (another small jump on the map.) She's some kind of military chick, and is quite the archaeology expert. She's hobnobbed with all the big names, and has been to Egypt numerous times, making me, yes, hate her as well. To top it off, she's also beautiful. Leena is also a cancer survivor who stayed positive and upbeat every time I chatted with her. Amazing lady. Unfortunately I don't have a link, but I have lots of postcards on the fridge from Finland.

The latest treasure I found is Maryanne. I don't know Maryanne personally, but this is her blog, which is fabulous: http://miloflamingo.blogspot.com. She's hopped from the US to Canada to Egypt. A lot of readers are urging her to put a book together out of her writing. It's great.

EVERYONE here knows Lynda Williams. One of the most positive people I've met, even through the thick and thin of work, kids, and writingwritingwriting. It's been great to work with Lynda and her husband David on various projects revolving around her all-consuming hobby. See a whole lotta stuff here: www.okalrel.org, including a blog that kicks this one's ass.

It's dynamic people such as you ladies that make the world go round. It's an honour to know you!


I pounded out a few different half-finished book covers for the Guide to the Okal Rel Universe. Kinda stumped. I'll post one when it's acceptable.
Wrote another whole page in my story. Yeesh. I am so pathetic.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Go Figure

I see that the Google banner ads up top of this page usually reflect content on a Blogger homepage. For example, one of my new heros who lives in Egypt - her page comes up with links to stores and museums with ancient egyptian stuff.
Mine comes up with Brain Tumour support groups.
Funny. You funny computer karma gods you. Fuuunny.

Ran out of excuses

I finally forced myself to do it, against all odds. My laptop is screwed up, and I can't work at my desk - Tornado Touchdown. Sooo, I picked up a PEN and PAPER and WROTE. Egads. I got in almost 1000 words, which is pretty good for me in one sitting. I usually make a little splurt, then turn over and go to sleep.