Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hit SEND, dammit

There are two reason that a finger will hesitate over hitting the send button. One: a really nasty e-mail that may cause some backlash, and Two: sending your writing to be read by others. I FINALLY finished four chapters of my story, went back and fixed the first two, and sent it off the Northern Speculations SciFi/Fantasy Writers Workshop (or NSSFFWW for short.) Plus, I've missed a few months, so I printed out about 50 pages of others' stories that I didn't get to review, and I'll have to read through those and provide feedback by tomorrow. Some of the work is absolutely amazing. Through Lynda, we've learned the stamina that it takes to stick to your dream and get your work published, and I hope some of these writers can do that. It's a great group, very diverse and very respectful of their fellow members. Very inspiring.


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