Friday, September 24, 2004

Julie E. Czernada

I attended a reading last night by Julie, who is an established science fiction author here in Canada. It was a wonderful evening. Check out her website to see the number of novels she has published, and has managed to land a great cover artist!

It was very inspiring. I asked a lot of silly questions. My favourite 'answer' was about how she goes about deciding the psychology of alien species - what does she base it on? I would have looked at human traits, and tinkered and expanded. Julie, with her extensive biology background, looks at the physiology of an alien she has created, and works outwards. What conditions (environmentally and culturally) would this species have evolved in? It makes for a fascinating new approach, and I was glad to have the opportunity to hear it.

I splurged and bought her latest in hardcover, Survival. I'm sure many will enjoy it. (It is even set in coastal British Columbia 300 years in the future.)

Best of luck to Julie!


At 12:58 p.m., Blogger frankysbride said...

What fun!

Cool approach to character elaboration. Though undoubtedly for many the old reliable remains alcohol and sexual abstinence.

Or the Alexander Pope method:
I nod in company
wake at night
Fools rush into my head
and so I write.


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