Monday, September 20, 2004


My horrorscope:
Today, VIRGINIA, you are likely to feel torn in two different directions. A part of you could want to sequester yourself somewhere and read, while another part of you feels that you should get out, go somewhere and do something. You may experience more impatience than usual with squabbles between colleagues or family members. Some exercise during the day might be a good idea, to work off the inner tensions. In the evening: Relax with a good book!

Dude. I just got home from running around all day. I went to the library later this afternoon, signed out some books on creative writing, wanted to sit and relax, but couldn't wrap my brain around THAT. My son and I stopped at a bookstore/coffee shop for something to eat, but I couldn't even sit and relax there. So I came home to more work. I see now that it's in the stars to chill this evening.


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